Salt Lake City’s First Crematoriam & Mausoleum

Salt Lake City’s First Crematoriam & Mausoleum

In 1928, American Abby and Mausoleum Company began construction of Salt Lake City’s first crematorium and in 1930 the Salt Lake City Crematorium and Mausoleum opened their doors to the public. Since that opening, thousands of cremations have been performed professionally and with dignity. The Crematorium sits atop a hill overlooking the Salt Lake City valley and across the street from the Salt Lake City Cemetery. The crematorium is the oldest and most reliable in Utah and for years was the only crematorium in the state. Many funeral homes and mortuaries used the Salt Lake Crematorium and Mausoleum to perform cremations for their families.

Cremation brings up many thoughts, concerns and images to family of friends. Cremation has been used in the reverent and sacred treatment for the dead. In many countries of the world cremation is required, or the only legal means of caring for and interment of those who passed on. In other countries, cremation is an option for families to consider. The decision to cremate the body of one’s loved one is a personal and sacred decision. Cremation is not the mere disposal of a deceased person’s physical remains. Cremation represents a thoughtful decision that preserves memories and honors the deceased. Often the person to be cremated makes known his wishes by legal writ or by oral communication prior to death but in any case, the decision to cremate should represent careful consideration for the comfort and peace of the dead and his or her family.

The selection of crematorium should be made based on the careful and thorough review of available crematoriums so that cremation will be an honorable and sacred tribute to the deceased and the family. The selection of City View Mortuary for your loved one’s cremation insures such a tribute to the deceased and his or her loved ones.

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