Why Cremation?

Why Cremation?

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing cremation over a traditional burial. The reasons range from cost to claustrophobia to religious considerations and it’s always a personal decision.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why you should choose cremation.

1. Cost

Cremation is usually cheaper than the traditional ground burial – usually by 40-50%. That is a lot! It doesn’t require a grave or headstone, there is no need for embalming, cremation urns are generally cheaper than caskets, and there are no maintenance fees involved since you can keep the urn at home. 

2. Simplicity

Cremation removes the need for a more elaborate ground burial ceremony, which involves casket, viewings, pall bearers, and other things. On top of that an urn is smaller and much easier to handle than a full-sized casket.

3. Flexibility

In this day and age, where family members are scattered all over the country, a traditional burial service is a lot harder to plan and execute. Choosing cremation means you can easily store the urn at home until your family can get together for a more elaborate burial, scattering, or some other method of disposition for the remains.

4. Environmental Concerns

Traditional burial takes up space in the earth and in the case of embalming, often involves heavy doses of chemicals. While cremation does take its toll with carbon emissions, the technological advancements lessen the impact on the environment. There is some debate, but in general, cremation is considered more “green” and eco-friendly.

5. Less Tradition, More Personal

Cremation FuneralWhile family and religious traditions are still very important to people, families prefer to celebrate their deceased loved one in a unique and personal way. Cremation offers great flexibility for family and friends to plan and design a completely unique memorial and disposition. From scattering ashes which can be done in a myriad of ways: at sea, in your backyard, from a helicopter, planted as a memorial tree, shot off in fireworks, to keeping the urn at home on a mantle to creating a diamond honoring your loved one, the choices are many.

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