Is City View Mortuary a Funeral Home?

Is City View Mortuary a Funeral Home?

First let me define the term funeral home.  Historically, a funeral home was a private home where people would to honor their dead.  Over time, more and more services were required by the homeowner, so special preparation rooms for cleaning, embalming, casketing and viewing the deceased had to be installed.  Thus, homes used for funerals or funeral homes were expanded and many funeral home owners called their enterprises mortuaries.  Most of us respond best to the term funeral home because it is more personal and understandable than the term mortuary.  But technically, a funeral home is just a home where funerals are held and a mortuary are facilities that receive, clean, embalm and prepare the body for viewing and/or burial.  

City View Mortuary is a funeral home that offers complete funeral services to our neighbors.  We have and offer all funeral home services that include retrieval of the deceased, preparation, embalming, meeting with family to determine extent of services wanted, viewing and funeral services at our facility, burial and providing all records and reports as required by state statutes.  In addition to most funeral homes, we also provide entombment and cremation on our property.  Our mausoleum is the finest in the Utah and possibly the West.  The stained glass windows, etched marble and glorious spaces stand as a generational memoriam to your loved ones.

Some families desire cremation rather than entombment.  At City View Mortuary we have our own crematory which gives families enormous comfort that the deceased is always in one location.  We also have beautiful indoor and outdoor columbarium, pavilion niches and family niche estates.

So you ask, is City View Mortuary a funeral home? We say absolutely, and invite you to visit this singularly beautiful and historic facility.  Our funeral home is totally focused on honoring your loved ones for generations to come.

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