What to Do When Someone Dies: Within a Few Days

What to Do When Someone Dies: Within a Few Days


Coping with a loved one’s death is never easy. After the initial arrangements have been made and the initial shock has somewhat lessened, there are still a few things to do within a few days after someone dies.

This checklist provides the necessary steps you need to take within a few days after your loved one’s death.

  1. Arrange for funeral and burial or cremation. To find out if your loved one had any specific plans, go through their documents and make plans according to their wishes. To make this somewhat easier, ask a close friend or another family member to go with you to the mortuary. This step also involves selecting an urn or a casket, planning the service, and preparing an obituary.
  1. street-memorial-dayIf your loved one was in the military or belonged to a fraternal or religious group, make sure to contact that organization. It may have burial benefits or conduct funeral services.
  1. If you cannot do it yourself, ask a friend of the family or another family member to keep an eye on the person’s home. Make sure someone is there to answer the phone and notify the callers of the death, collect mail, throw any remaining food out, feed animals (if any), and water plants.
  1. Gather important papers such as deeds, business agreements, tax returns, bank accounts, earnings statements, birth and marriage certificates, military discharge papers, Social Security number or card, vehicle registration, loan payment books, bills, and any other important papers  your loved one might have had. These documents will help you file a final tax return and settle the estate.

We hope these tips help you keep a sad event from becoming even more painful and stressful.

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