What to Wear to a Funeral

What to Wear to a Funeral

Attending a funeral or a memorial service is not a very common event, so many may be lost as to what the proper attire is. Social norms Cremation Funeralwould say just about anything black in color would be the correct choice; however it does go a little beyond that. Being overly flamboyant or revealing in attire is frowned upon, though it does happen. It happens mainly because the lack of proper etiquette for something that does not happen often in an individual’s life.

Traditionally, black is the color of mourning in many cultures and even to Frau auf Beerdigung mit Sargthis day, many people attending a funeral opt for black clothing. In some cultures, though, it’s reverse and white clothing is 6worn as a sign of mourning. However, as time passed, the rules are not so strict anymore. However, that doesn’t mean you should dress casually.

Men and women should consider this event akin to going to a business meeting, job interview, or church. This standard would be deemed the most appropriate with regards to social acceptability, but the decedent’s, their family, and religious beliefs should be upheld first.

Typically men should wear full suit and tie attire, or a button down shirt and slacks with dress shoes or loafers. Men should never show up wearing jeans, shorts, ball caps, or sneakers.

Women on the other hand should dress conservatively, avoiding anything overly revealing. Clothing like long skirts with blouses, dresses with sleeves, and sweaters with flats or pumps would be appropriate attire. No jeans, sleeveless dresses, or miniskirts would be deemed appropriate for this type of event.

While religion has its own set of proper attire for attending a funeral or memorial service, the above should suit fine. However, it would be advisable to follow the religious attire standard if the service is to be religious based. You can always ask for help and guidance from the religion’s representative, as well as the funeral home’s service provider.

However, it may all be decided by the decedent’s final requests. It would be best to discuss this with the mortuarium when finalizing the plans for the funeral as they would be able to to point you in the correct direction for a religious based service or be able to help make arrangements for your personalized and specialized style of service.

If you’re facing this decision yourself and need help, don’t hesitate to contact us with any and all of your funeral service needs.

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