Why Do We Bring Flowers to a Funeral?

Why Do We Bring Flowers to a Funeral?

In places all over the world it is traditional to bring flowers to honor the deceased at a funeral. But how did this tradition get started? Why do we still do it today?

Flowers have been used in funerals for many reasons, most of which are Frau auf Beerdigung mit Sargrelated to honoring the deceased and their memory.  But one not-so-sentimental reason flowers were brought to memorials was for masking the odor of decomposing bodies before the days of embalming. Fragrant flowers helped stave off unpleasant smells during the ceremonial proceedings.

Besides their practical use, flowers have grown to have sentimental value to many cultures throughout history and even today. They are given to show love, respect, celebration, and other positive emotions. In this way it seems quite appropriate that we give flowers to our deceased loved ones, as a sign of the love and respect we have for them and in celebration of their lives and influence.

Flowers can be a great way for friends and families of the deceased to express their feelings for those who have passed away during a time where it may be difficult to express themselves otherwise. They add warmth and dignity to funeral halls during the proceedings, and are a physical manifestation of the love that those nearest to the deceased feel for them.

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