Should I Consider a Mausoleum?

Should I Consider a Mausoleum?

When it comes to planning your funeral, you have several options available. You can opt for cremation, retake-salt-lake-city-view-spring-2016a traditional underground burial, or
you could consider a mausoleum. Before settling on any particular option, you should carefully consider pros and cons of each option and choose the one that will work best for you and your family.

While cremation seems like a rather final act, entombment in a mausoleum refers to housing your remains in a building built specifically for that purpose, and it reaches as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Whereas the traditional underground burial involves placing your coffin under the ground, the mausoleum stores the bodies in a defined space called the crypt.

Mausoleum Pros

Being entombed in a mausoleum has a few benefits over an underground burial. Considering the remains are stored in a building, weather no longer becomes an issue when family and relatives want to visit the grave. They are also climate-controlled and often offer appropriate background music which allows family members to relax and spend as much time as they’d like with the deceased family members.

Finally, a mausoleum uses far less land than the traditional burial and is therefore a greener option to consider. Also, if the cost of being entombed is a concern, it is typically on the lower end of the spectrum, and the costs can also be reduced if you opt for a family mausoleum and give your family members the option of being entombed with you.

Mausoleum Cons

But mausoleums aren’t without some drawbacks. Entombing a coffin can lead to an explosion from the gases that are released. This risk has been reduced by coffin manufacturers installing “burpers” in the seals of coffins so that they release smaller amounts of gas at a time.

Another disadvantage can be the natural degradation of the building itself over time; which can result in water damage to the internal crypts and coffins or urns themselves.

Mausoleum Regulations

Mausoleums have their own set of rules and regulations with regards to their maintenance, floral arrangements, visiting hours, and more. Many of these rules aren’t immediately clear so be sure to review the fine print and ask plenty of questions that will help you reach your final decision.

Here at City View Mortuary, we offer mausoleum entombment with a variety of crypts, niches, and columbarium, crafted with some of the world’s finest marble for a beautiful final resting place.

If you’re considering a mausoleum for yourself and your family members, don’t hesitate to contact us with your funeral services needs.

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