A Respectful Way to Remember

In discussing your needs, we will explain the advantages cremation offers in honoring those you miss dearly. Cremation is less expensive and more convenient than traditional burials. And it is more environmentally friendly. Should you choose cremation, City View Mortuary’s  on-site crematory ensures cleanliness, efficiency, and accuracy.


City View Mortuary has the most recognized and oldest crematorium in Utah. Our expertise in proper and dignified cremation was established in 1930 and this tradition of excellence and security continues today. We are uniquely qualified to answer and resolve your questions and concerns about cremation. You are welcome to tour our facilities and we look forward to answering your questions and resolving any issues regarding cremation and available funeral services to enhance your end of life celebration and tribute to your loved one.

Curious About How Much a Funeral Costs?

Funerals can seem daunting, but don’t need to be extremely expensive! You just need to know what all the parts to a funeral are. Once you know that, you can find what best will meet your needs. Our brochure will help you there.