Natural death care

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Natural death care

What is natural death care? It seems to be a growing trend these days but what does it really mean? We have done our research and are sharing our new-found knowledge.

Natural death care has, in fact, been around since like forever. Traditional embalming and preservation methods have only been around since the Civil War. Dr. Thomas Holmes developed the current embalming procedure in order to send the dead home to their families for burial, now, it is mainstream and some think it is law. It was the furniture makers who made caskets and the families who washed and dressed the body. All of this slowly transitioned into the funeral directors and funeral homes that we are all familiar with now.

The newest (oldest) form of taking care of the dead is taking its form in Death Doulas who are training to help you wash and dress a body in your own home. Non-religious celebrants are learning how to conduct a funeral that is more to what you believe or do not believe, and natural cemeteries are taking their hold on the burial process. All this to hold onto our green earth spaces and keep chemicals out of our bodies.

Did you know that you can legally care for your dead in your own home? Bury in a cemetery without concrete and metal boxes. You will still need a funeral home for certain things of course, but these new professionals are coming out of the woodwork to teach you how to bury your dead, your way.

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