Death positive, a movement.

Death positive, a movement.

Death is a word most people run away from. We hide behind life things hoping we never have to use or hear the word. Death positive is teaching others that death will happen, eventually. Talking openly about and embracing death has been a huge movement across the nation recently. If you have heard of Caitlin Doughty then you are familiar with her books “From Here to Eternity” and “Smoke Gets in your Eyes”. Both focusing on talking about death and its part in all of our lives. Since her books, she has conducted seminars and created YouTube videos all of which focus on making the public more comfortable with death.

The death positive movement seems to have gone viral. Coming out of the woodwork are more authors, bloggers and videos from people in the death industry no longer afraid to share the intimate experiences belonging to death care professionals. We are proud of the work we do and finally, it seems, people are ready to listen. Below are links related to the death positive movement.

Raven sitting in a rose bush. Death positive

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