Funeral, burial or cremation. Our purpose, our passion.

Funeral, burial or cremation. Our purpose, our passion.

We are in the profession of death. Whether you are choosing burial or cremation, we recognize that the funeral you plan with us has to be right the first time. We are passionate about our service to you. We are well-dressed funeral professionals, always there to make everything go as planned. In our back rooms, we care for the bodies of the people you love, always remembering honor and respect.

We care for a teen who has taken their own life and wonder what could have gone so wrong. We cradle your dead infants in our arms and revel at their tiny perfections while meticulously wrapping them in clean duck and bunny printed blankets for you to hold them in. We go home after a long day with the smears of mascara on our shoulders from comforting a  wife whose husband was killed in an unforeseeable accident. We hold back our emotions when a toddler is lifted to see her grandmother lying in a casket and clumsily tucks a Crayola colored picture in grandma’s motionless hands. The business of death is real, and it is raw and the funeral has to be perfect.

These are the things we see everyday and the families we serve are very near to our hearts. We empathize with your struggle when experiencing a death. It can be scary to trust a stranger with the care of someone you love. Your options are vast and can be overwhelming, and we are here to make these decisions less daunting. We are here to help you plan the funeral of your loved one.

Our purpose is to serve with knowledge and compassion. We strive to give families genuine support while transitioning through loss and experiencing grief. Our dignified care, trustworthy staff and stately facilities bring comfort and support to all of the families we serve”.

Stained glass of mountains and trees in funeral home

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  • Eric
    Posted at 04:30h, 28 August Reply

    Nice share! Actually, choosing cremation or burial is a personal choice, and it is all about making what you feel is the right choice. You need to feel comfortable with your decision, as it will help you to come to peace with the situation.

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