What is pre-planning?

What is pre-planning?

We have advisors for everything from birthing midwives to financial planners, we even have life coaches to give us advice on how to best live our daily lives. So, it makes sense that we should also have an end-of-life planner. Death is almost always the one subject in living a healthy life that we tend to gloss over, ignore or just plain forget about. We don’t want to die, we don’t think the inevitable will happen to us, but it will. A family being ill-prepared for death is one of the harshest realities that the death industry faces.

Pre-planning for funerals has been around almost as long as the dismal trade itself. Yet, there is still an incredible mystery surrounding the practice. The questions we get from families when talking about a future funeral are vast and complicated. Most people just didn’t know it is an option, or wonder “What on earth for? I am perfectly healthy”. It’s true, facing the reality of death when we are still around to talk about it can seem a bit absurd, but terribly necessary since we truly do not know when we are going to die.

It happens so often, an unexpected illness, a car accident, mother natures wrath. We don’t know when these things are going to happen either, yet, we plan for it. Health insurance, life insurance, tragedy insurance, earthquake and flood insurance with accidental riders, we plan for the inevitable in almost every fashion and then stop short at the funeral.

Almost every funeral home has options for pre-planning, even if it isn’t paying for it, you can write down your wishes, what you want to have happen, what songs to play, who is to speak, where it will take place. And you can change your wishes too as your life changes. And you can prepay for your funeral, most of the time at a discounted rate and in installments.

The biggest, most important reason for doing this is for your family. When they have to sit in front of the funeral director and guess at what you would want at this emotional time. And then come up with the unexpected thousands of dollars to pay for it.

Think about it and then call us. We will walk you through your options and help you plan so that your family can concentrate on grieving.

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