Bonnie Darlene Putnam De Paolo

Bonnie Darlene Putnam De Paolo

January 14th, 1931 – September 12th, 2017

Well, the Three Musketeers are no more.  I can’t believe that you left me here less than 24 hours after dad passed away!  Now there is only one Musketeer to fight the worlds battles. And protect the family.

Bonnie’s parents are Artimus and Thelma Bull Putnam. She had 2 sisters and one brother.  Margaret, Delores, Bonnie, and Jim.  I hope their reunion was joyous and filled with Jim’s humor.  Mom was born and raised here in Bountiful, Utah.  Life was hard, Artie liked to hang out at the local Pool Hall and money was tight.  Gram divorced Artie (which was unheard of in those days) mom was around 7 years old.  Uncle Ruben helped the family and mom went to work for Uncle Ruben in his fields.  So as a little girl she learned to pick pea’s, strawberries, apples, peaches, and grapes where all of the SNAKES would hide and chase her.  She was a good picker and fast and soon many of the local farmers wanted Bonnie to help in their fields.  Gram went to work and mom was left to take care of Jim.  So, into the fields with Bonnie he went.  They had a close relationship all of their lives, Jim knew he could count on Bonnie.

Most of us are not old enough to remember the dikes in West Bountiful, a place where people could go and play in the water.  Gram gathered the family, her kids, her brother and sister in law and their kids, and her father, and off to the dikes they went to play and spend time as a family on a Sunday afternoon.  However, that day mom and her sister Delores were walking in the water with their cousin Louise, holding hands.  Suddenly Louise slipped into the water but they couldn’t see her or feel her.  Grams bother Bill jumped into the water to find her and he didn’t come back up.  Grams dad William jumped into the water and he didn’t come back up either.  The divers found the three bodies trapped in a little cave beneath the water.  This caused mom to have an extreme fear of the water.  I had probably 8 years of swimming lessons and we never put our boat on the water on a Sunday.

Mom worked for Swede Olson in the Bountiful Drug store he owned.  The building used to be where the Bountiful Post Office is now located.  To her dying day she didn’t like ice cream because of all of the ice cream she worked with at the drug store.  However, she did love her Iron Port and then her Coke.

She liked to hang with her high school friends at Davis High.  She also loved playing sports.  All sports! In a softball game, she was hit in the mouth with a softball and lost 3 teeth.  Gram was not amused!  She was a good student and enjoyed the activities that high school provided at that time. When mom’s mind was being ravaged by dementia we were watching T.V. and a commercial came on about the Harlem Globe Trotters coming to town.  She looks at me in all seriousness and says, “You know I played for that team, I was their star player.” Hmmmmmm

Mom was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  When mom graduated from high school she received a gold band for perfect church attendance in high school.  I have that ring and I cherish it because mom was raised in and obviously loved the Church, but when she married she left the church and never looked back.

After graduation, she joined the Air Force and met Dad, Frank De Paolo.  He was in the Ari Force too.  They were married in Elko, Nevada, on August 30th, 1952.  My birthday is also August 30th, so I never forgot their anniversary.  This union was not a perfect or happy one, but they stuck it out to the end.  They had one daughter, Margaret De Paolo Jensen (yes, I was named after my mom’s sister who died at the age of 13).

Mom worked all but 2 years of my life.  The pediatrician was afraid we would drive each other insane and needed the break from each other, so I hung out at Arbon’s Fun School while she worked as a secretary for many different companies and doctors.  One of those companies was Prows Wood and yes, she worked for Dick Prows.  To show what a small world this is Dick lived in my current neighborhood until his passing.  She also worked for Dr. Robert Carson who helped develop the arthroscopic surgery procedure for reairing knee injuries.

We traveled all over the place but never in Utah.  (Unless there was water for the boat.)  She wanted me to learn about all of the other places that were not Utah.  Mom wanted me to see a diverse world and that all people are the same.

Mom taught me a lot of things because she had a lot of talents like needlepoint, cross stitching, a love a reading, being creative, how to make sure my clothes matched, but there was one thing she didn’t teach me and that was how to cook.  Mom you were the worst cook ever.  I remember the time you decided to make an angel food cake and it caught on fire in the oven so dad called it a devil food cake with brimstone.  You had also made a mess in his clean oven.  One time I told you that you can cook if you can read.  You said, “I can read so it should be easy.”  A couple of days later you called and said, “this cake doesn’t look right and I have been reading the directions.”  I walked down to your house and sure enough you had been reading the direction.  You had a boxed frosting mix in the bowl and you were reading the directions from the cake mix box.  So, the cake mix was still in the box and the frosting mix with eggs and oil in it looked like vomit! You never cooked again.

Bonnie leaves behind her daughter Margaret, son in law Neil Jensen.  Three grandsons and 4 great grandchildren.  Bart and his daughter Olivia, Adam and his wife Jennae and their 3 son’s Stockton, Xander, and Camden, and Clarke Jensen.

Mom I hope you find the illusive peace and happiness that dad and I just couldn’t seem to give you here on earth.  You were loved more than you ever thought.  I hope that your family was waiting for you on the other side of the veil and that there was a joyous reunion.  Keep busy because you were always happiest when you had things to do.  See you soon…

Neil and I and our family would like to thank Adagio Hospice for going to the care facility to take care of her for the last 3 days of her life.   Thank You Jon, Rosemary and Lisa.

Bonnie will be entombed in the Mount Calvary Mausoleum, Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Salt Lake City, UT

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