Ira Henry Seidman

Ira Henry Seidman

12/10/36 – 01/10/20

Ira Henry Seidman, age 83, died in Millcreek, Utah on January 10, 2020.

Ira was born in Bronx, New York to Benjamin and Ruth Seidman.  His dad died when he was very young leaving him to be raised by his mother and beloved Aunt and Uncle.  He graduated from William Howard Taft High School and went on to receive a bachelor’s degree from Muhlenberg College, in Allentown, PA.  Ira held many fond memories of his time at Muhlenberg and maintained friendships with his college roommates, throughout his life. He went on to attend Temple University where he received his doctorate in dental surgery in 1962.  After graduation, Ira enlisted in the Army and was stationed in Huntsville, Alabama where he served as an Oral Surgeon.  After his active duty in Alabama, Ira returned to New York continuing his service in the Army National Guard for an additional 4 years (earning the rank of Major before being honorably discharged).  He taught oral medicine at NYU College of Dentistry and maintained a successful private practice in NY for many years.

In 1982, Ira traded his hemostats and forceps for keyboards and error messages, reinventing himself as a computer programmer.  He worked for several companies which allowed him to travel throughout much of Europe and exercise his affinity for languages; he spoke both French and Spanish fluently.  After being invited to go cross country skiing with a friend, Ira found his true passion in life: skiing.  It is this passion that brought this born and raised New Yorker to Utah in 1992.  Shortly after his relocation, Ira adopted Hank, his beloved friend, from the greyhound rescue.  Together they worked, hiked, camped and lived happily for many years until Hank died in 2004.  In 1997, Ira retired.  For years, he enjoyed strenuous hikes and rigorous downhill skiing, missing only a handful of ski days each year.  During this time, he served as a mountain host at Solitude Ski Resort, volunteered with the National Ability Center in Park City helping people learn to ski independently, and served as a host at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  Ira loved reading (especially mystery novels), challenged himself daily with Sudoku puzzles, and enjoyed listening to jazz and classical music.  

The last three years of his life were very challenging.  Ira was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer: Merkel cell carcinoma.  He underwent surgeries and immunotherapy and went into remission, for a time.  Weakened by the battle that raged within him, he was never able to return to the ski slopes he loved so dearly and became increasingly depressed.  This, along with a recent diagnosis of leukemia, caused him to lose his will to live.  Ira left behind many loved ones and he will be missed.  

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