Margaret Susan Hurley

Margaret Susan Hurley

Margaret Susan Thomason Willis Sharp Hurley, our dear mother, has passed.

We loved and respected her immensly. She loved and cared for us unfailingly. We will miss her terribly. Susan was exceptionally independent and responsible, a very hard worker and she used her creativity to find ways to provide her children with a good home and solid opportunities. She taught us to travel both geographically and intellectually without fear.
Born in rural Canada in 1931 she was raised by good parents David R. Willis and Annie Thomason. She lived through the bombing of Liverpool England during WWII and went on to earn her teaching degree from Avery Hill College London. She immigrated to the USA with her family in 1951 where she enjoyed the cultural diversity and fell in love with the vast expanses of open desert, beaches, mountains and wild places of the American continent. She visited the jungles and Mayan ruins of the Yucatán before most were archeologically explored and created an extensive record of Utah petroglyphs. With a deep love of art, she was among the Beat Generation with her first husband Jesse Sharp in San Francisco then in coastal New England during the civil rights movement where she earned her Bachelors degree in 1972 from the University of New Hampshire while teaching, managing a motel, running her own sign painting business and raising her children.
She was very involved in the lives of many unsettled youth during the unrest of the ‘60’s and early ’70’s. Later in Utah and Germany she worked as a skilled seamstress and genealogist. She lovingly and bravely cared for her second husband Patrick Hurley as he suffered through chemotherapy and finally died of cancer.
She earned her Master of Education degree from the University of Utah in 1990 while working as the town clerk of Cedar Hills, teaching middle school and raising her family. She was curious and loved learning. Susan was a teacher who truly cared deeply about her students. As a special education and resource teacher she gave great effort to helping the children with the most difficult behavioral problems and learning disabilities.
As a mother, she cheered and championed and supported our every cause, forgave our every fault and loved us no matter what. Mom was our best friend. We had it so good for so long. It has been our deep honor to care for her and now our great sorrow to let her go.
Respectfully, lovingly and with gratitude, Richard Jesse Sharp, Victoria Sharp and Samuel Jacob Hurley, 2018

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